What is the main reason for submitting a flight reservation to the embassy when applying for a visa?

The primary reasons for submitting a flight reservation include providing the diplomatic officer with information about the traveler’s intent, itinerary details such as departure and return schedules for round trips, and ensuring the traveler’s name is accurately printed on the documents. These are the key details that a diplomatic officer typically requires.

Can the flight itinerary be verified?

Yes, we assure that our flight itineraries are completely valid and verifiable. You can verify them on the airline’s website using the reservation code and the traveler’s last name provided in your itinerary document

Are your hotel bookings confirmed?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, we provide authentic and valid bookings that are valid for a two-week period starting from the delivery date. Just like flight reservations, you can confirm your hotel bookings by contacting the hotel management directly

How many times can changes/corrections be made?

Airlines have strict policies regarding changes, so we limit corrections to a maximum of two times or within one week from the date of document delivery, whichever comes first.

If this period passes and corrections are still needed, a new order must be placed with updated details. In case of any errors or mistakes on our part, we take full responsibility for making the necessary changes without objections.

Where will I receive my itinerary documents?

Your itinerary documents will be sent to the email address you provided during the form submission. Please ensure the accuracy of your email address. If there are any typographical errors, please inform us through the contact us page or via our online chat support.

I made a mistake while providing travel details, what should I do now?

Please ensure to carefully review and accurately input all dates and locations. If you notice any mistakes, it is crucial to inform us immediately. Once your itinerary is delivered to your email, we are unable to make changes because airlines and hotels do not permit modifications to existing reservations. Please notify us promptly via the contact us page or online chat.

Can I order flight and hotel reservations on behalf of my family and friends?

Yes, you can. You just need to provide us with the travel details accurately, and our travel experts will create itineraries based on those details. Ensure that payment has already been made.

What happens if my travel plans change later?

If we have already delivered the itinerary to you and you later request changes to your travel plans, you will be advised to place a new order following the same procedures. For urgent changes, please contact us or join our online chat.


Certainly, we can book a hotel in any city or country, subject to room availability at the chosen hotel.


It is not necessary to obtain the actual flight tickets and hotel bookings from us. Our flight itineraries and hotel bookings are specifically for the visa application process. Once your visa is approved, you can make your own travel arrangements.